Neetu Chandra : First India women

Actress Neetu Chandra is known to us for being glamorous and sensual from films like ‘Yaavarum Nalam’, ‘Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai’, etc. However, the actress seems to have another side to her in which she is a top class Taekwondo fighter. Recently, she got awarded the 2nd Dan Black belt and became one of the first ladies in India to do so. Neetu Chandra was honored by Father Of Taekwando and he told that she is the first Indian woman to receive the award.

Neetu learnt this martial art long time but she feels ashamed of not being able to continue practicing it. She also revealed that she has done some stunts in Aadhi Bhagavan directed by Ameer. She says “In ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’, I’ve performed some kick-ass stunts. In fact, I’m hoping to tie up with a martial arts academy in Tamil Nadu to spread awareness about self-defence among women here”. Now that’s two good stories inside one for us. We will have to wait and see what Neetu was talking about when ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ hits the screens during upcoming months.

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