Nayanthara to do a film without money

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Wow, that sounds pretty well. You’ve got two reasons to confirm why she done this? Was it to acquire her lost market or was she really interested in the script? We aren’t sure about this, but here goes the fact on it. Actress Nayanthara who scintillated with her stunning bikini looks and skin shows in almost all the films, had lost her chances and now has hop-skipped through offbeat films. One of her Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ doesn’t much portray her in glamorous appeal.

Meanwhile, she seems to have signed the deal with filmmaker Shyam Prasad far-famed for making offbeat films with worthy scripts. His previous film ‘Ore Kadal’ proved of his versatility. Now, he is all set to make a film based on female protagonist titled ‘Electra’. Sources closer to the producer have revealed that she has agreed to do the film without taking any remuneration.

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