Nayanthara is ready for everything now

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Actress Nayanthara has nothing left in Kollywood except her ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ while other regional south Indian film projects haven’t reportedly done well. Of course, she has been getting through it just with luck factors as she didn’t even really perform in a single film.

But now the actress has gone ahead on one particular aspect. Don’t get surprised as she isn’t gonna say that her performance will be greater in this film. It is all about her Kannada film with Superstar Upendra. According to the sources, she has exceeded her levels of glamour and gone ahead without making hesitations.

Obviously, Kannada films haven’t done better business in Tamil Nadu, but this film’s producer believe that Nayan’s glamour alone will make it big for this film and turn the lights on Kannada film industry as well.

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