Nayanthara in Manirathinam’s film

Only Mani Rathinam is capable making mythological stories to suit the modern trends. From Mahabharatha he churned Dhalapthy. Now he is making the movie Ravanan inspired from Ramayana. This film is being made in Hindi and Tamil simultaneously. In the Tamil version Vikram is donning the role of Raman. Aishwarya is donning the role of Seetha. In Hindi version Abhishek is donning the role of Rama. Now Manirathinam feels that Nayanthara would be suitable do the role of Mandodari, the wife of Ravana.

Suhasini Manirathinam is speaking to Nayanthara with regard to this. But Nayanthara has not given an affirmative reply yet. But it seems that she has told Suhasini,” I am a glamorous actress. My fans expect glamour from me. But there won’t be glamour in your husband’s film. I don’t know whether I will be suitable for this role.” Suhasini said that she will speak to her husband about this and call back.

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