Nayanthara denies her ‘fox-act’ with Ileana

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Not many actresses do consume their foods so happily as they are always suppressed by their diet. But, Nayanthara is an elision as she doesn’t avoid any food items prepared by her mom. The reason is to transform her physiques from six packs to a bulky structure. It all happened heeding to Vishal’s instructions that posed Nayan in an awkward form.

Now busy shooting for her Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’, she wants to gain more weight. Leave it apart! Why does brim up with cunning acts of grabbing Ileana’s offer there in Tollywood as Trisha does it for Nayan over here. Ask her about this and she shockingly says, ‘Unlike others, I am not such crooked to grab other offers. I know the pain of losing one’s opportunities and wouldn’t commit such blunders. If you still have intense doubt, ask Ileana about it’….

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