Navya Nair’s strict condition for glam-shot

Actress Navya Nari much known for dead against glamorous roles has gone for a complete changeover with ‘Rasikkum Seemane’. ‘Don’t click pictures at me on my glamorous appeals’ – This was the perfect condition laid by Navya Nair as she agreed for the bootylicious act. Director RK Vidhyadharan speaking about the film says, ‘It was really a terrific burden to complete the film. Earlier, it was the film’s title that evoked an issue and later we rechristened it ‘Rasikkum Seemane’ from ‘Ettappan’.

The film actually demands Navya Nair to appear in glamorous look and yet she didn’t accept to do it. As we convinced her for the need, she accepted to go for it under the condition that photos shouldn’t be clicked and released for the media channels.’ Of course, the director had kept his promise and the film finally hit the screens on July 19. For the first time, Srikanth dons the anti-hero role.

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