Namitha envies Shriya’s Waist

Namitha envies Shriya’s Waist

Namita who shot to fame by showing off her buxom physique is not anymore pleased with her shape. She is not so happy with her bulging waist and she has undergone liposuction to get a perfect shape. Most of the procedure was performed to remove the excess flab around her waist. Sadly the treatment didn’t work.

These days she is gaining more kilos and looking awkward and that are putting extra pressure on her. She is thinking of appearing in a two piece like Nayantara her co-star in Billa. But to do so she has to shape up her body by shedding that extra kilos. Namitha admits that she envy the fabulously fit waist of Shriya! She is trying her level best to get that shape but till now all went in vain.

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