Namitha cause for CSK’s Loss

Chennai Super Kings led by Mahindra Singh Dhoni was witnessing great victories all throughout the series. But for the yesterday match, the team had to face a great loss while playing at Chidambaram stadium in Chennai. The reason is that off actress Namitha making her presence in the stadium to watch the match. Right before her entry into stadium, the throngs got to know that the alluring missy would soon be predirecsent there and the stadium had a festive look.

Right from the lay person to the cameraman, everyone had their eyes on her and you know something? Sony Set Max that doesn’t show the visuals of celebrities appearing for the match, were focusing only on Namitha and Dhoni seems to have fallen for her.

So should Namitha follow up for the other matches or not might the next controversial theme that will be undertaken certain group in the society, who at present are protesting for silly reasons like actresses and their dress codes….