Nallakannu watches Ayyavazhi

Ayyavazhi is a film is based on the life story of social reformist Vaigundaswamy. A socio-mythological with newcomers in the lead under his Vaikuntha Cine Films banner. Vaigundaswamy was one of the brave people who protested against the injustice meted out to women in society in the 18th century.

It advocates equality among all human beings Now there are thousands of temples erected in honour of Vaigundaswamy. He has lakhs of followers in the South Tamilnadu. His followers have a separate identity, which they mark by wearing a turban and also by putting a single red mark on their head. They follow a religion based on his principles, which is called Ayyavazhi.

Communist leader Nallakannu who watched Ayyavazhi was completely moved by the poignancy of this film said that films like these are very necessary to create awareness amongst the younger generation. He praised the director and producer for P.C. Anbazhagan for giving a quality film.

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