Nakul does the double of Siddarth, Bharath and Genelia

When Siddarth, Bharath and Genelia of Boys fame rose to the peak of greater success, Nakul had remained silent. And then none guessed, this young chap would win so many laurels with just one film that his friends nearly took 4-5 films to prove of it. With Kadhalil Vizhundhen making high waves across all the centres, Nakul turns to be the finest favorite actor of all leading directors. His sister Devayani, soon after witnessing his grand success had decided to produce a film for him with her husband Rajakumaran handling story, screenplay, dialogues and direction.

Nakul’s greatest hours would be when Director Gowtham Menon buzzed up and offered him to play lead role in his forthcoming flick. Yup! the young chap would be donning lead role in Gowtham’s film soon after the project with Ajith is completed…

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