Naka Muka – Hit song of the year

With none of the Tamil albums making it all happen among the masses, the song ‘Naaka Mukka’ from the film Kadhalil Vizhunden is already a great massive hit among the city. The film has Nakul playing lead role and Vijay Antony scoring music. The song begins with a echoed voice uttering that ‘Hey Buddy, This song is gonna be a massive hit of the year’. As it is said, we see the songs are hitting each and every corner of the city streets.

The film was supposed to hit the screens by last year and due to some unknown reason it has been getting delayed with the release. However, this song is sure to make the film a great hit.

Even the dance programmes featured in the TV channels have started using this song saying that it gives lots of scope for choreography. Well, Nakul being an excellent dancer we have to wait and see how its gonna rock on the screen.

However, the song has two versions: one sung by Music Director Vijay Antony himself and another one by a female folk singer Chinnaponnu.

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