Music composer Harris Jayaraj says that success or failure will not affect him

Music composer Harris Jayaraj says that whether the success or failure of the music he composes will not affect him. Harris Jayaraj is one of the leading composers who had given us hit songs from his first film Minnale to Engeyum Kadhal. But there was a view recently that the songs he composed for the film Ko was not good.

When he spoke about this, he said, “Normally after composing music for a film, I am not worried whether it is a success or failure. To tell you the fact, only my assistant will come and tell me that how the song and the film were after its release. Whenever I compose music for a new film, it gives me a kind of new experience. I want to give a new type of music from film to film. Now I am busy composing music for Nanban. There are six songs in this film. All the songs will beguile the people. I am also composing innovative kind of music for the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kaaka Kaaka.”

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