Murugadoss on Aamir and Surya

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A.R .Murugadoss has been witnessing non-stop appraisals from all over the world for his latest sensation ‘Ghajini’. Of course, he is peaking high with more laurels than he had for his original version in Tamil. After a week after film’s release, Murugadoss speaks out that his next film would surely be with Aamir Khan.

The filmmaker says, “Aamir is such a brilliant personality and as Bollywood calls him, he is the real perfectionist. As he saw my original version of Ghajini, he had consulted me about making some changes about suiting Hindi audiences. Indeed, it was so trenchant that everyone even in South loved watching the film with a different climax”.

Murugadoss adds that usually it’s so boring for him on remaking his own films. But it was a different experience on ‘Ghajini’. What’s so special was that Surya had given his extraordinary performance while Aamir too brimmed up with his own style.

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