Mumtaz dubs for Rajathi Raja and also does an item number for Malai Malai

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Mumtaz has donned the role of Health Minister in the film Rajathi Raja. This film has Lawrence in the lead role. Mumtaz was very adamant that she would dub her voice for her role. Director Shakthi Chidambaram called her to the studio to test her voice. He said her voice was not suitable for her role and her voice would be fit only for vamp roles. But finally with no other go, the director had made her dub her voice for this film. Fans that enjoyed her glamour now can enjoy her voice also.

Mumtaz titillated the audience with her dance for the song Malai Malai in the film Chocolate directed by Venkatesh. Venkatesh has once more made her do a number for his film Malai Malai. Her dance has scared Vedhika the heroine of this film whether she will be blacked out because of this number.

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