Mumaith Khan must not smoke

We want Tamil Cinema to be made at international standards and yet we object even the onscreen characters from smoking and drinking as if the entire society goes spoiled over watching them. The censor board officials have now deleted such sequences from ‘Powrnami Naagam’. The film that is directed by Kannan as Karunaas and Mumaith Khan in lead roles.

The film was completed before a long time and couldn’t be released due to some issues with the animal welfare board and censor board. Since, many snakes have been used in this film, the animal welfare board had just came up with an unidentified issue that we have tortured the snakes and thereby didn’t permit us for no objection certificate. Somehow, after proving our gestures, they have been affirmative to our approach. There is one particular scene, in which Mumaith Khan smokes out the cigarettes and it has been deleted.

Censor Board officials have mentioned that the shot over cigarette taken to the side of Mumaith Khan alone can be shown while rest of the shots should be deleted.

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