Moser Baer to launch ‘Pazhassi Raja’ home video

Moser Baer, one of the leading entertainment hubs of Indian film fraternity has now inked a stupendous deal over acquiring the home video rights of Historical epic ‘Pazhassi Raja’. Producer G. Dhananjayan of Moser Baer Productions has now stated that the home video in all formats – VCD, DVD and BLUE RAY will be launched in mid of April 2010.

Dhananjayan admits that Moser Baer is really proud for having obtained the rights since the film has won rave reviews as well good collections at box office.

Meanwhile, Moser Baer has filed lawsuit against Seventy MM of Rs.50Crores for illegally using its products for rental. Seventy MM has been one of the leading online video rental sources where more than 10,000 titles are available. But it has been using some of the products of Moser Baer, which is not meant for renting.

Apart from this, Moser Baer is so excited about one more new technology it will introduce into the world of media. Perhaps, this can be ennobled as one of the best resurgences in contemporary entertainment arena.

Moser Baer, in conjunction with the recently acquired OM&T (the former research and development subsidiary of Philips) announced the development of 8x Blu-ray technology for consumer use. This development will allow consumers to burn two hours of high definition content in 15 minutes, which most burners today would take four times as long to do.

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