Moser Baer Launches ‘Subramaniapuram’ Home Video

Moser Baer Home Entertainment has been getting through the best on releasing the crème de crème films in DVDs/VCDs. The Home Video was released today be the film’s director Sasi Kumar who himself donned lead role in this film. It’s noteworthy that he himself produced the film. The Home Video was launched in the presence of one of film’s actor Director Samudrakani. All unit managers of Moser Baer Branches in TN were also present.

‘Subramaniapuram’ made a breathtaking record in Box Office during the year 2008 not just in TN, but also crossed 100 days in Kerala. Apart from this, the film has been ennobled with various prestigious awards on classified criteria.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Sasi Kumar uttered that it makes him so gleeful for Moser Baer have made the film accessible to viewers who wanted to own an original copy at their racks.

Moser Baer has received good response from the distributors and retailers and expectations are that the sales would peak with 1Lakh Copies on first scale.

DVD of this film costs Rs. 50/- while VCD is just Rs. 40/-

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