More innovative shows on Makkal TV

Corporate channels launching their Southern edition haven’t been really gratifying viewer’s interests. Zee Tamil would be best illustrious for this context. Despites taking such long time of getting launched, television channel hasn’t brimmed up with unique features. The same soap operas, reality shows of Super Singers, Dance competitions, fillers of songs and scenes….Something clichéd even to the 5-sense creatures. Our best recommendations for killing your time usefully are hop-skip to Makkal TV. It has been dedicating itself to the well-being of viewers. ‘MEDIA’S AIM IS NOT JUST TO ENTERTAIN. BUT EXTENDING SERVICES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY THROUGH CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION AND BEHAVIORAL CHANGE’…

Possibly, media graduates from JNU of Delhi or other leading institutions may understand it. Makkal TV has been the exact embodiment of such kind of innovative shows based completely on viewers’ interest.

Here comes the new-listed show that is being telecasted in Makkal TV…

Velai Vaayupu Thagalval

Perhaps, Barrack Obama getting onto the thrones of White House should have troubled the employees of IT sectors outsourced from Americans. If our counting ability is right, within next 5 months, their jobs are taken away and what would be their plans. Apart from IT sectors, there are many fields where concerns are in demand of many individuals with high potentials. On the pars, there are youngsters who despites completing their graduations are still stuck with unemployment problems. Velai Vaayupu Thagalval offers a steady platform for both concerns as well job-seekers in various fields. The show is telecasted on 11th hour of every morning…

Selvam Sir

‘Selvam’ in English – Wealth…. ‘SELVAM SIR’? It doesn’t mean one owns more wealth cannot be ennobled as ‘Selvandhan’, but it’s a perfect title for those who save it for best. Telecasted every Saturdays in the morning at 9 A.M. is all about helping the viewers to brim up with good savings of the money they earn. Also it would assist them on where is the best investments advised? Gold Markets or Stocks, advisors are there ready to advice you where’s the best place to invest…


‘Ivaragal’ is all about unrecognized individuals in today’s society. They sewage cleaners, snacks-vendors across the shores of beaches, waste-material collectors, undertakers, transgenders and many more unwritten heroes in the pages of history. What will the condition, if these people strike without doing their services, the entire city would be drenched in pathetic situation.

This show is something that will bring in those people and lets us take a look on their lives… ‘Ivargal’ is telecasted on every Saturdays at 8.30 A.M.

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