Mohan Lal on Kuselan’s failure

Actor Mohan Lal, of course the superstar of Malayalam Film Industry had his own perspective reason for the failure of Kuselan. Speaking about the big failure of this film, he says that Rajnikanth was the one and only reason. “You know something? Superstars like Rajnikanth, Cheeranjivi and Kamal Haasan shouldn’t appear in guest appearance, since their diehard fans don’t accept it” said Mohan Lal.

Also added that he is quite happy for not getting stuck inside the circle of actors for whom people have their hero worships. At the same time feels elated, since audiences treat him equally to that of mainstream actors. Recently, Mohan Lal had performed the guest appearance as a 90-yr old man in a film titled ‘Paradesi’ and that has won him the accolades.

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