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(Complied by R.S.Prakash)
Film buffs would still remember ‘Despicable Me’ released in 2010 and ‘Despicable Me-2’, that had hit the screens in 2013, both of which had proved hugely successful at the box-office. While the second one was a sequel to the earlier outing, ‘Minions’ is not the next sequel but a prequel, presented in 3D. This one goes back in time to unveil the earlier happenings and like the previous two, this too is an unpolluted, thoroughly enjoyable comedy in animation form that would tickle the funny bones of the viewers regardless of whether they are males or females, young or old, not to speak of the little ones who would roll around in possible directions while watching this rollicking comedy. Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda have collaborated to direct this flick sprinkled with humor liberally based the story penned by Brian Lynch.It is interesting to note that Pierre Coffin has lent his voice for all the three principal characters in the film- Kevin, Staurt and Bob. The major female character in the film is that of Scarlet Overkill for whom Sandra Bullock has lent her voice. It is worth observing that the character of Overkill has shades of grey! Minions are basically yellow colored creatures that sport both a funny shape and size! They serve as the guardians and custodians of historic characters as Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Dracula, T-Rex etc (forget not to enjoy the assortment of names!). After the time of these people go uphill, Minions are upset and look up to the world to find a suitable leader of those kinds to guide them through while thriving in Antarctica. With a view to select and elect a suitable successor to serve as their leader, they travel to London through New York. They happen to meet Scarlet Overkill a strong-willed female leader following which several changes set in. Danger too drives by and the Minions have to act accordingly and aptly as well!
CREDITS-Music- Heitor Pereira Edited by- Claire Dodgson

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