Mini chat with Harris Jayaraj

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Tell us the experiences while working with A R Rahman?

I was a key board player to most of the music composers. I had worked for a lot of films with Telugu music composer Raj Kotti. During the day time I used to work with Raj Kotti and in the night from 9 PM to early morning hours I used to work with Rahman. This was a good experience. I have not worked with Ilayaraja. I have met and spoke to him once. I have worked with his son Karthik Raja.

What are your favourite songs of other music composers?

There are a lot of songs. But my all time favourite is Ilayaraja’s Madai Thirandhu and Rahman’s Netru Illadha Matram.

Is there any chance for you to work with Gowtham Menon?

You get angry with a person whom you love very much. Only on that basis is this gap. Only time and God should answer of me working with Gowtham Menon.

What have you to say about your continuous successes?

If you think of successes you cannot work and if you think of failures then you will become frustrated. So I don’t think of both and begin everyday as a new person.

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