Meera Jasmine has quite number of offers

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Director Krishnamurthy is a directing a film in 6 days to enter the Guinness Book of Records. He had signed Navya Nair for this film. All of a sudden Navya has raised her salary. So the director had no other alternative but to replace her. He offered to Meera Jasmine who readily agreed to do this role.

Now Navya is infuriated with Meera and is also refusing to pay back the advance she has received. Meera Jasmine is also acting with Prashanth In Mammatiyan, She is also pairing with a new face in Adi Narayana. Currently she is also acting with Vijayakanth in Mariyadhai. Now she has been signed opposite Jithan Ramesh in a film being produced by Super Good Films.

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