Media Channels to put actors into tasks

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Ever since B. Lenin, editor of Dina Malar was arrested under Section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Women Harassment (prevention) Act on the basis of a complaint filed by the general secretary of the South India Film Artistes Association, Radha Ravi, the media channels have planned to take the entire stars into task now.

According to the inputs of closer hands of media channels in Tamil Nadu, the editors and journalists have decided to boycott every media events related to those actors who were involved in framing B. Lenin.

It was all about actress Bhuvaneshwari revealing the list of actresses who were involved in sex scandals. Sarath Kumar, Rajnikanth, Vijayakanth and many others had insisted Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi must arrest the editor. Now, it’s getting really speculative for actors as the media channels have decided not to support any of their upcoming projects.

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