MBA graduate in Kollywood

MBA graduate Dinesh Kumar is making his debut in Kollywood with Sarath Kumar- starrer 1977 after lucratively churning out over 100 commercials. He had worked with the likes of actors Namitha, Gopika and Jothika in various advertisement commercials. The relevance of the title 1977 is that a major event occurs in year 1977. For no fault of his, rare achievements of a man go missing from the history books. It take s two decades for his son to rewrite the history and restore his father’s pride. Sarath Kumar plays both the father and son, while Jayasudha, Namitha, Farzana, Vivek, popular Telugu music director Rajkoti, Radharavi and Vijayakumar are in the cast.

Sarath Kumar comes in six different get-ups. Jayasudha’s performance in a important role is another major highlight of the film. Vivek plays a Malaysian and a Chinese woman Koralvu plays his ladylove. Major portion of the movie was shot in Malaysia. Sarath Kumar plays a Malaysian police officer in the film. A stunt sequence was shot on the 53rd floor of a building in Malaysia. Sarath Kumar enters the floor from a helicopter. The risky stunt sequence was choreographed by Kanal Kannan. Vidyasagar has composed five tunes for the film. This film will be a clean, good entertainer carrying a strong message.

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