“Marriage for me?´asks Chaya Singh

Most of the heroines have got married. Actresses Kavya Madhavan, Gopika, Sri Devi and Meena’s marriage have taken place within a month or two. Now there is news that Chaya Singh is getting ready for marriage and she is to be engaged to a Hardware engineer from Hyderabad and that her parents are busy making marriage arrangements. She is currently acting in the film Anandhapurathu Veedu. Earlier she became popular by her dance for the song Manmadha Raasa in the film Thiruda Thirudi.. She had also paired with Parthiban in the film Vallamai Tharayo.

When Chaya Singh was asked about her marriage, she said,” Marriage for me? When? I don’t know any thing about this? Who is the bridegroom? What is he doing? This is news to me. I am currently doing a children’s programme for a Kannada TV Channel. I have also given call sheet for a Malayalam film. I have also been signed for a Bengali film. There is no time for marriage. I have to achieve a lot in cinema. I am also getting lot of films in Tamil also. Hence there is no marriage for me now. I will marry the person whom my parents will arrange.”

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