Marmayogi will put an end to Pyramid Saimira

Imagine who could have said such an appalling statement that Pyramid Saimira will be drenched with grief soon after producing Marmayogi. Well, this was something more sensational that was heard from one of the in-house members of this production house. Pyramid Saimira was wedged with serious blackouts in Bollywood as it shut down its branch in North India as well Hindi film industry. Nearly around 72 theatres owned by it were shutdown and PS Swaminathan of Pyramid Saimira accepted that they were running out in loss at North India as well in Bollywood.

Well, producing a movie worth Rs.100Crores is not as easy of ordering pizzas from your nearest centres. It’s a risky project and for sure making a film centered on back old 7th century requires lots of courage. Of course, Kamal Haasan is a man of experiments whose desires are to take Tamil Cinema to the higher level in the category of World Cinema. But, none of the team members are sure about the film making high collections in box-office. For instances, take the list of Kamal Haasan’s exceptional films, ‘Aalavandhan’, ‘Hey Ram’, ‘Anbe Sivam’ and more. These movies won laurels across certain audiences and honored with awards , but their collections at box-office weren’t so pleasing. So, let’s wait and see how Kamal Haasan tries something different in hitting bull ‘s eyes at both box office and getting it nominated for world famous awards.

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