Manivannan’s son in trouble

Veteran actor-director Mani Vannan is known for his Excellency in the field of films. Over this period of years, he has been winning the accolades for his stunning performance as a good performer. Well, today has been the worst day in the part of his family. Mani Vannan’s son Sasi was seemingly in love with a girl over for a long time. These pairs were enjoying their time with cherished moods until their parents came to know about that.

With Manivannan severely condemning their relationship, he has adamantly stated that he will not accept his son entering into nuptials with that girl. With no fraction of pause, the missy has approached commissioner office in Chennai and lodged a complaint against Sasi and his father Manivannan.

Till now, a serious interrogation is going on between both the parties at the commissioner’s office. Though the policemen are trying to settle the matter amicably, Manivannan is steadier on his part of not accepting her as daughter-in-law.

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