‘Manirathnam and I don’t like each other’s films’ – RGV

Every day, now and then, it’s ace filmmakers Ram Gopal Varma and Manirathnam making high waves in town. They haven’t worked together except ‘Thiruda Thiruda’, in which Ram Gopal Varma penned the script and academy award nominee Shekar Kapoor produced the film along with Manirathnam, who directed it.

Recently in an interview, when RGV was asked about his expectation levels on ‘Raavana’, the filmmaker just said, “It’s obvious that both of us don’t like each other’s films and we don’t compliment each other.” Wow! That’s an epitome of straightforwardness, isn’t?

It’s been blatantly evident that Suhasini Manirathnam happened to be one of the film critics, who gave a worst verdict for his previous film ‘Rann’, when the entire nation applauded Ramu for an earnest effort of turning lights on media of contemporary context.

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