Manirathinam’s Favorite Films

Manirathinam’s Favorite Films

Mani Ratnam’s favourite movies are ‘Udhiripookal,’ ’16 Vayathinile,’ ‘Aval Oru Thodarkathai,’ ‘Andha Naal,’ ‘Mullum Malarum,’ ‘Uthama Puthiran,’ ‘Anbe Vaa,’ ‘PithaMagan,’ ‘Moondram Pirai’ and ‘Pasa Malar.’He had just stepped into the industry and Mahendran’s ‘Udhiripookal’ just bowled him over. It was a breakthrough film in commercial cinema. The negative character in it and the way it ends make it outstanding. ’16 Vayathinile’ is memorable for its script, high standard and realism.

K.Balachandar has done some of the best films before and after ‘Aval Oru Thodar Kathai.’ But he chose it mainly for its storyline. It is not the plot or the story, but the character that carries the film through. Although it was released about 25 years ago, the character remains fresh in one’s memory. That is the greatness of the film.

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