Mammooty speaks to media

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Malayalam super star Mammooty has acted in Tamil films like Mounam Sammadam, Marumalarchi, Makkal Aatchi and Senior Junior. After a brief hiatus he is acting in a Tamil film Aruvadai produced by Henry under the banner Pankaj Productions. Aravind T is directing this film. Arjun is another hero in this film. Sneha pairs with Mammooty while Shratha pairs with Arjun.

The climax scenes were shot in the Red Hills area yesterday. The sequence was that a bomb set up by the terrorists explodes on a high way road and many are injured because of this.

In between the shooting Mammooty replied to the questions asked by the media.

What is the reason for acting in Tamil films after a long time?

I have never refused Tamil films. I will definitely act if I am called. I would like to act in Tamil films once in two years. There is no big difference between Tamil and Malayalam films. Only difference is the language. Tamil is the oldest language compared to Malayalam. Malayalam language is only 500 years old but Tamil language conceived some 5000 years ago. Malayalam was formed from Tamil language. Tamil is the mother of Dravidian languages.

Tamil film fraternity is voicing their concern over the Sri Lankan Tamil issue, but nobody from Malayalam industry has given their view in this issue. What is your personal opinion regarding this?

My support is always there for people around the world who are affected.

What is the reason for Malayalam actors not involving in politics like the stars of Tamil Nadu and Andhra?

In Kerala there are only national parties but whereas in Tamil Nadu and Kerala there are regional parties. Apart from this actors in Kerala are not interested in politics. I have no interest in politics.

Actor Arjun and producer Henry where present during the interview.

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