Mammootty has posed a challenge to Kollywood stars Vijay and Suriya


The legendary Actor Mammootty has posed a challenge to Kollywood stars Vijay and Suriya and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, Well so what’s the challenge about ? Well here is the challenge explained by Mammootty himself in this facebook post

Trees are vital for the existence of a greener Earth. In this time of urbanization a simple act of rooting an indigenous tree will repay the environment in many ways from filtering air contamination to decreasing soil erosion, creating shade helping recycle water and building of an eco system with birds and other life forms around it.

As you all know ALS Ice bucket Challenge is being viral Online and Offline media. I proudly kick start a novel concept called “My Tree challenge”. I request all my friends from the Malayalam Film Industry and all Facebook friends to join in for the good cause and make this world a greener place to live in. I challenge Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood, Vijay and Surya from Tamil Film Industry to plant a sapling and join this Eco revolution.

“My Tree Challenge” is not just a slogan to speak or to listen, it is a motto which should be followed by all so as to save our nature for ourselves and our upcoming generation. Hence, it is also a great opportunity for people who have always wanted to be ‘a part of a healthy environment’.

So make some efforts of your own and join “My Tree Challenge” by offering your time to plant and preserve trees whenever and wherever possible. Inspire your family, friends and neighbours to save resources too. Let’s be a model to the children in respecting our nature and environment.

Our world is precious and we are meant to keep it that way.

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