Malayalam film to be shot in 5 hours

Perhaps, film industries are now turning out into a record breaking field by individuals. Few people want to set Guinness records by making films within short period of time, but not sure about the quality. First, came a NRI who planned to complete a film within 12 days and here comes the other one. Prasanth Vasudevan of Trichur in Kerala is a well experienced personality in terms of making ad films and Tele-films.

He has planned to complete shooting a full length feature of 2.15hrs within 5 hours of time. The film titled ‘One Day’ has the budget of Rs.30Lakhs and is produced by an Kerala based industrialist Nelson Jab. Actors in this film have been going through rehearsals for past two weeks. 4 cameras will be used for shooting this film while post productions works will completed later.

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