Makkal TV’s new shows

Well, the TV Channels seems to be launching lots and lots of innovative shows from time-time. It was just before a week, the TV channel had launched new and innovative shows and here goes one more group of the same sort.

Mugavari telecasted on Makkal TV is centering on small trader and merchants. It’s all about helping them in terms of marketing techniques. The program is telecasted from Monday to Friday at 12.30 P.M. In this contemporary world where Multinational Companies are dominating, it’s very difficult for small time traders to gear up with profits. MNCs spend whole lot of money for promoting their brands and it’s not the same for the traders. This programme helps these traders by placing their advertisements in this programe at a meager cost of Rs.1000 for a week’s time.

Kandupudi Kandupudi is all for assisting students where various experiments from science books are explained with demonstrations. Apart from this, vivid explanations on the theory of fans working and electricity generated would be described…. This show will be telecasted on every Tuesday at 4.30 P.M.

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