Maestro Ilayaraja’s stunning onscreen performance in Azhagar Malai

Here’s the biggest sensation awaited for all ardent buffs of Musical Maestro. For the first time, you’ll watch the sensational song featuring Ilayaraja himself on the screens. Aye! It’s all in his forthcoming film ‘Azhagar Malai’ featuring ‘Ellam Avan seyal’ fame RK and ‘Thamirabharani’ fame Bhaanu in lead roles.

Maestro Ilayaraja has scored a spellbinding tune for the poignant lyrics

uzhagam ippo enga poguthu
ennaku intha annai boomi pothum
ingu pirantharavum engai pogirar
ennaku intha sontha naadu pothum
intha mannai vittu naan engai selvain

With Maestro himself crooning for this blissful melody, a fantastic ideation popped up amongst Director S.P. Rajakumar as well the producer Sangili Murugan… It’s all about roping in Maestro on the screens.

Well, the complete song has been visualized to be from retrospective point view of Maestro himself. For instance, the song will have Ilayaraja in white costumes getting through the places that evoke his nostalgic memories.

Likewise, his mother’s cemetery, a specific banyan tree where he played around with his lovable wife, His regular road to Thiruvannamalai’s Ramana Ashram, his school and American College of Madurai.

Of course, the lanes to Thiruvannamalai where he walks without any footwear also have been brilliantly pictured.

The entire team had their hearts melted down as they witnessed the enchanting simplicity of Maestro. He traveled to the shooting spots in his own car. Moreover, the entire crew was astonished with his professionalism in carrying out each gestures on the screen.

So clichéd would be costumes of white dress as his fans perceive it to be his signature costumes.

Filmmaker s.p. Rajakumar has earnestly thanked Producer Sangili Murugan for turning his dreamt ideas into reality.