Madhavan, Siddarth, Vinay and now Srikanth

The hunt of actors for the third lead role in remake of ‘3 Idiots’ has been a never-ending task for director Shankar and his entire team. The filmmaker much before the release of ‘Endhiran’ started working on this project. Produced by Gemini Productions, Shankar first finalized actors Mahesh Babu and Vijay for the lead role performed by Aamir Khan. Later it was revealed that Madhavan and Simbhu have been signed for the other two roles respectively.

Silambarasan openly confessed that going by his instinct, he didn’t want to sign the project while Madhavan clearly mentioned that repeating the masterpiece would be a blunder. Not letting away with his enthusiasms, the filmmaker continued calling upon various actors including Siddarth and Vijay. Finally Srikanth has bagged the big offer of performing the role that was enacted by Madhavan in Hindi version.

So Vijay-Jeeva-Srikanth are the Three Idiots and the Telugu version with Mahesh Babu and same other actors. Shankar will start shooting for the Telugu version first on December 3 followed by Tamil in January as Vijay and Jeeva are busy with many projects.