Maddy in a remake film

Madhavan who excelled in the somber film Evano Oruvan is ready to act in the remake of the Hindi film Yes Boss. This film starred Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla in the original. The movie will be a fun-filled romantic masala entertainer. This film is being produced by KRG. Mamta Mohandas will be pairing with Madhavan. She will play the role of a top model. This will be a second film in Tamil. Jayaram will do a significant role which Aditya Pancholi did in the original. The story is about a protagonist who is a young hardworking employee in a big corporation. He’s trying to climb up the ladder and to please the boss he allows his apartment to be used for pleasure purposes by the boss.

Since it would be to o much to show the apartment being used by the boss as a place for having sex in popular Indian cinema, it’s used as a con home for the protagonist so that the boss can prove to his wife that his mistress is actually the wife of one of his employees, and he’s clean. The mistress actually works with the protagonist and they fall in love when the true face of the boss is revealed to her. This film has been heavily inspired by Michael J Fox movie For love or Money.

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