Maakkan – Mercilessly annoying flick of the season

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Aren’t there any laws for one to become an actor? Alas! It’s really disappointing to see filmmakers like Thankar Bacchan stepping onto the tasks of performing in lead role. Here’s one more unimaginable face from the director’s list who will be donning the lead role. He looks similar to the film’s title ‘Maakkan’. It’s all about filmmaker Selvan who does the hero role in a film titled ‘Maakkan’.

How can a beautiful girl like Keerthi Chawla accept such offers pairing up with an underrated personality? Its a billion dollar question. Srikanth Deva, who hasn’t scored at least one good musical score for past many years, has teamed up to tune melodies for the lyrics of Srikanth Deva. On the whole, it’s a flop team joining together and you know what would be the results…

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