I m not star like Vijay and Maheshbabu – Arjun Kapoor


Arjun Kapoor was in Chennai recently to shoot for 2 States, which has a Chennai backdrop. Ask him how he is finding the city and he says, “I have been here many times before for work, so I am familiar with the place. The city and its people are both outstanding.”
Interestingly, Arjun never wanted to act, but wanted to take to direction. “I was happy with direction and really wanted to do that. I was this fat guy who was happy where he was and with what he did.” The actor now has three more movies in his bag, one of which is the Hindi remake of Vijaystarer Gilli. Excerpts from the chat.
What are you working on currently?
Currently, I am shooting for Abhishek Varman-directed 2 States, with Alia Bhat. The other movie I am shooting for is Gunde, which is a Yash Raj film, with Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra. It’s an out-and-out commercial entertainer set in Calcutta in the 80s.
Tell us about the Gilliremake…
My father was keen on making the movie in Hindi and I am happy I can be a part of it. The shooting hasn’t started as yet. We have tweaked the story a bit. The Hindi version will be based in Agra. We have also toned down the humour a bit. Since it came out almost 10 years back, we needed to add little more logic to make it suitable for today’s audience. Also, we need to make some more changes because Okkadu and Gilli were written for stars, I am not a star; Vijay and Mahesh Babu are stars.
Are you picky about the roles you take up?
Every actor is picky-choosy. Everyone wants to work with the right people, right costars. Today, movies are not hero-driven, but story-driven. It’s about how many different characters you can play. This is the main reason why I took up Aurangzeb — because there was a positive and a negative character. I love playing different characters. It’s a playing to the gallery; like in 2 States, I am a geek who falls in love with the most beautiful girl in college. I played a very different character in my first movie, Ishaqzaade, as well.
Your dream role?
I don’t think I can pin-point one particular role like that. Actors are very whimsical by nature. If I watch an interesting romantic film, I might want to play that role. Or if I see a comedy or action movie and I like it, I might want to play a similar character. But if you ask me one movie or one character that I wished I had done, it is Ranbir Kapoor’s role in Barfi!. I would also like to do a detective role or play a conman because such roles demand a lot.
Considering you’re the latest Bollywood heartthrob, what is your relationship status? Are rumours about you and Alia Bhatt dating true?
Single (laughs). Rumours are a small price you have to pay for the love and attention that you get. I am very much single currently. When two people are working together and share a fantastic equation, such rumours do arise. We are not hiding anything; we are good friends.
So are you open to relationships?
I am open to dating and meeting people. I haven’t closed the doors at all. It’s just that because of my work, I am not able to find time.
Your first movie wasn’t produced by your father and now finally, you’ll be working with him…
My personal relationship with my father is one thing, but professionally, I am very excited to be working with him. I am happy that now I am a decent asset where he can do a movie with me, with a big cast, big budget and not be worried.

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