M S Bhaskar becomes villain

Comedy actor M S Bhaskar is donning the villain role in the film Puli Vesham which has R K in the lead role. M S Bhaskar while speaking about this said,” I have acted with Vikram in Deiva Thirumagan. I am donning the role of a truck driver of a chocolate company. In Velayudham I am donning the role of Vijay’s maternal uncle. In Ethan I am donning the role of a fraudulent God Man. I am also acting comedy roles in various films including Saddu Guddu and Shiva Poojayil Karudi. For the first time I am donning the role of a villain in the film Puli Vesham. I don’t act in separate comedy tracks. I will make the comedy interesting which is created by the director. Failure and success of a film affects the director and the hero. But the comedy actors are not affected in any way. I have dubbed for thousands of films. Now that has given me a helping hand while acting in comedy scenes. I want to be a comedy actor till the end.”

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