I m not rich – Nagarjuna


The Forbes India Celebrity 100 list has generated some huge buzz as fans are debating among themselves their favourite star’s fame ranking and the amount they have earned this year. Actor Nagarjuna was however not pleased by this report, The actor reckons his earnings have been grossly inflated. Nagarjuna was ranked 61 in the list of 100 celebrities and was reported with an earnings of 20.5 crores in the year 2013.
Nagarjuna added “Despite my repeated request and email my name appeared with non validated figures. It is my hope that respected business editors estimates are validated by individuals to be more appropriate”.
The Same magazine also reported the earning of few other Southern celebrities

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan 57 Crores
Mahesh Babu 28.96 Crores
Ravi Teja 13 crores
Ram Charan 12.67 Crores

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