I Love to Romance with Vijay and Surya – Rakul Preet Singh


RAKUL PREET SINGH ACTRESS INSPIRATIONS Just like every other girl, my dad is my first hero. He has been the reason for everything I am. In-fact, it is from him that I understood what discipline was, only from him, as he served the Indian army, for years. Initially, he would not allow us to say `no’ to anything, but it’s only now that we all realise that he did so only to hone our skills.
I really don’t know what I would have been. May be I would have pursued my higher studies in brand management as I was interested in it. But now, I am happy being an actor. BIGGEST REGRET I don’t have any such things in my life.
But at times, I worry that I did not give my best during the initial stages of my career as I didn’t take things seriously enough. ROMANCE ON SCREEN Well, I have a huge list (laughs). But to be specific, Vijay and Suriya. I love Vijay for his dancing, and Suriya for the fact that he experiments with versatile roles in his films.
TEN YEARS FROM NOW I wish to have carved my own space in the film industry, and do the best films possible for people out there.

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