‘Lollu Sabha’ Jeeva kick-starts with Lollubrothers Portal

Over in this era, none of the shows had received such a spellbinding response. Of course ‘Lollu Sabha’ added more to our excitements with more and more rib-tickling spoofs. For those who never liked to swap the channels with eye-soaking series, ‘Lollu Sabha’ turned to be a kind of storming surprisal as they started setting up reminders on their clocks and mobiles for this show. Moreover, ‘Jeeva’ who earlier worked as off-screen individual stepped onto the dais of appraisals once he started doing the lead role.

Winning laurels for his astounding piece of show (Doesn’t just mimic the artists. But strongly adapts their gestures and mannerisms), he fled to many places and even got felicitated by Vijay TV ‘Star of the Year Award 2007). Naturally, the satellite channel had a big rise in TRP with this show. Sooner, the entire team of Lollu Sabha lead by Jeeva started spelling fabulous stage shows all over the World. Much totting up to the interesting factor is that there happens to be more off Lollu Sabha Communities in various social-community portals. That has resulted Jeeva kick-starting with his own portal of There are more sections regarding photo gallery of spoof shows, Press Rooms, Video Gallery, Events they have been hosting and contact details.

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