Life of actresses after marriage in Kollywood

A greater part of actresses in Kollywood feel that they aren’t given to play female lead roles in any films soon after getting married. Of course, this remains to the part of truth for we haven’t seen of the heroines getting into filmdom with lead roles.

Kollywood today gets you the sneak exclusive on this issue of “Life of actresses after marriage in Kollywood”. Let us not get far behind and we will start up with some of the recent marriages. Jyothika after getting married to Surya has decided not to step into acting career. That goes more similar with Sonia Agarwal who despites acting in not more than 5 films got married to Director Selvaraghavan and decided not to appear on the screens.

But that’s not the same when you hop into Bollywood for marriages are not a great deal. We have actress Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and many more who are still standing on the shoes of female lead roles.

Actress Kushboo during a present special gathering had stated that Kollywood in no way entertains the re-entry of actresses into filmdom to play female lead role. Including Kushboo herself, the actresses are given to just minor roles like Hero’s sister or some other supporting roles.

In contrary to her statement, one of the famous actor who has already paired up with Kushboo had questioned her whether she had ever glimpsed through her physique. While the Bollywood actresses after many years too look the same…

In our regional film industry, there is also a problem in audiences perceiving the image of heroines on the screen.

So if you feel that whether actresses after marriage can stand on the shoes of female lead role are not, don’t forget to mail your views in the given below…

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