‘Let Ameer narrate the story first’ – Priyamani

Actress Priyamani shot to fame with her best performance in Ameer’s ‘Paruthiveeran’ and then came a drift between due to some issues. Off the late, the media channels had played the balls by spreading rumors by crisscrossing between them with controversial statements.

So pity on the celebrities, they are drenched in sort of disagreements and never tend to patch up again. It was all the same with actress Priyamani and director Ameer. But now, nothing seems to be hard between them as the duo has shown concern to work with each other.

During the press meet of ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’, director Ameer said that he is looking for an actress like Priyamani. In a recent interview with Priyamani, she has said, “We have nothing such disputes and I am ready to work with him if I am convinced with the script and characterization.”

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