Lekhafoods – A Revolution in Food Industry

Lekha Rathnakumar is far-famed for his involvement into various arenas of media that includes production of ad films, commercials, music and movies. He holds special mention for having churned out attractive ads for many brands that includes Jyothika, Sneha, Bhagyaraj, Poornima and others.

Every actor becomes famous through the films, but here is an actress, who is all set to steal the show with the ad commercial much prior to the release of her debut film ‘Ambuli 3D’. She is none other than actress Sanam Shetty. is an online portal that will have almost recipes of almost all the dishes across the globe. Lekha Rathnakumar says that it wasn’t a decision made on the spur of moment, but it has a long run of dream. ‘Initially, we started our business of manufacturing homemade food items and powders and had plans of starting our own restaurant. But the plans were shelved as we got more involved into the production of music, cinema and small screen. But it was deep inside our hearts to start the food business. Well, films and food biz are always closely associated. So initially I wanted to enlighten the viewers about good food items and then start the restaurant. The web portal will have the original recipes prepared by the world-renowned cooks and top chefs. We are planning to have the visuals prepared for every recipe to make things easier for the viewers’ adds Lekha Rathnakumar.

A 3-minute ad commercial has been shot for the sake of this promotion that will feature Sanam Shetty. Lekha Rathnakumar is also planning to host a global food competition and is planning to felicitate the winners with I-phones and I-pads.

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