Lekha Sonoton’s piece in 1977

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It’s been a changing phase in Kollywood with arrivals of new genres. Of course, it’s accompanied by stunning stylish make of film top-notching technicians from Hollywood laying their works… Perhaps, something that remained static was the background scoring. Well, as everyone knows, it’s the background score that enhances the visual quality on all vistas of evoking our emotions. This something shot the adrenaline of Lekha Rathnakumar in endeavoring with a great effort. He strode all the way to Sofia (Capital of Bulgaria) Where he recorded various compositions that can be used for the background score of various films. His musical scores were off different genres.

Well, as of now the auteurs of Tamil film industry are so excited about dawn of new innovative motif. Sarath Kumar starrer 1977 has been carrying the background score recorded by Lekha Sonoton recorded at hi-fi studio in Bulgaria where nearly 200 artists specialized in symphonic tunes took part.

Speaking on this, Lekha Rathnakumar thanked music composer Gregor F Narhoz and his crew and recording artist Gerhart Frei for their good support and great work. Getting on with stylish designing of the studio, he said that the studio is capable of recording the feeblest noise. It is so exciting to hear that even our breath can be recorded with good clarity.

Dinesh Kumar, Director of 1977 and Sarathkumar were impressed with these new musical compositions available at Lekha Sonoton. It’s not just for the trailers, but the musical score would be used for stunt sequences.

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