Lekha Rathnakumar’s debut directorial in USA

Striding through remarkable endeavor with his ad filmmaking and ‘Lekha Sonaton’ venture, it’s time for Lekha Rathnakumar to gear up for his directorial venture. The filmmaker is all set with a poignant romantic tale that would be filmed around 75% in United States while rest in a greenish pasture of Tamil Nadu Village. Sounds really interesting, isn’t? of course why not… it’s more catching for our attention to hear that only 8-membered unit would flee for filming the portions in United States including star-casts. The USA portion production will be done by a FILMLOUNGE Productions which is managed by Anja Narholz who is the wife of Gregor Narholz – the music composer of Sonoton.

Maybe, there seemed to have a lot of Tamil films released based on this theme of Villages-to-Statue of Liberty. But, Lekha Rathnakumar is sure about gearing up for a different plotline. Ask him about the leading actors? He adds, “surely, we’ll let you know but not now….’ The entire film would be shot extensively with Red One Camera or Viper and Rathnakumar himself will take care of musical score with his library collections…. Also it’s been taken to note that the filming would be completed within short period of schedules. So Stay tuned !!!

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