Latchmi Rai and Daniel Balaji lip locking scenes in Muthirai

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Latchmi Rai who is in the race to become Top One was introduced by R V Udhaya Kumar in the film Karka Kasadara. These days there are lot of rumors linking Latchmi and Dhoni. Latchmi Rai who did the female lead role in the film Muthirai is to be released within a few days. She has paired with Daniel Balaji who did the villain role in Vetaiyadu Vilayadu. There is a song sequence in this film which will have Latchmi Rai and Daniel Balaji kissing. Both will be kissing for ten times in this song.

During the shooting of these scenes Latchmi Rai was cool and jubilant. As per the request of Director Srinath, Latchmi Rai had acted intimately with Daniel Balaji. In one scene Daniel was supposed to kiss her in the chest. But Daniel was unenthusiastic and hesitant in doing this scene. So the scene did come out well as expected. Latchmi Rai told Daniel to be bold and not to feel shy while doing this scene. After this the scene was shot satisfactorily.

Daniel while speaking about kissing Latchmi said,” Latchmi Rai is really beautiful girl. Apart from her beauty, she has real color. Anybody standing close to her is bound to fall for her. I am also no exception to this. I have heard that some actresses would say,” Don’t touch me there and don’t touch me here’but Latchmi Rai is a cool girl. She was quite normal and maintained her calmness during these kissing scenes. I kissed her for 8 times and she kissed me twice.’

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