Lakshmi files complaint against producer


Actress-producer Lakshmi Manchu is livid that the producers of Puduvai Managaram have used stills of Taapsee from her Tamil-Telugu bilingual, Maranthen Mannithen, on their promotion materials without her permission. Lakshmi has now sent a notice to the Producers’ Council, and is awaiting their response.

Says Lakshmi, “We worked hard for months to get Taapsee’s look right in my period film. I don’t understand how another producer can just lift the pictures off the Internet, instead of using stills from his own film! It’s infringement of the copyright law. He didn’t even seek my permission. It’s not just this film; they’ve also used stills from her launch movie, which was produced by me. Some of the pictures that they have used have been reserved by us for the promotion of my film. We released those stills just three months ago. I’m extremely hurt. I’ve sent a notice to the Producers’ Council in Chennai, and I’m waiting for them to take action. Failing which, I will take up the issue myself.”

Puduvai Managaram is the Tamil dubbed version of Taapsee’s Malayalam film Doubles, which also stars Mammootty and Nadia. However, the Tamil producer of the flick, Bala, claims that the issue has been amicably sorted out. He states, “I’ve already sent a letter to Lakshmi and her team, saying I was not present at the time the poster designs were being approved. One of my assistants used the stills he found on his hard drive and Internet. Since I was unwell, I couldn’t personally oversee the promotion materials. I have already removed the posters that have Taapsee’s still from Maranthen Mannithen. We are both producers and we understand each other’s troubles.”


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