K.V. Anand-Harris Jayaraj gives tips to youngsters

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Both K.V. Anand and Harris Jayaraj have been making high waves together followed by the grand success of ‘Ayan’. The duo is busy chilling out in Bangkok composing tunes for ‘Ko’ starring Simbhu and Radha’s daughter Karthika in lead roles. As well Anand is looking out for certain locations where major portion of the film will be shot.

As some of the media channels approached to convey their advise for youngsters, the duo came up with something more appealing.

Harris Jayaraj: Patience is something that makes us stable and everyone has to possess the longanimity to greater magnitude. Make yourselves attain perfection everday and be pious and spiritually bounded. Being attached to spiritual divinity will make you honest in all works you are committed with.

K.V. Anand: A person’s course of future has to be determined between 15 and 25. The youngsters must utilize this period and settle down with a constant decision and learn all the qualities to be perfect in their professions.

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